Each year we impact the lives of over 200 children who participate in our programs. These programs create life long memories and the experiences are something that area children will cherish as they grow.

In 2015 Spencer Community Boosters (SCB) was formed by a group of citizens the goal was simple. Bring some activities to the Spencer Community, Revitalize the Spencer ARC Park, get people involved in the community again through volunteer work, and continue our long standing Youth Programs.

    • SCB took over operations of the Spencer ARC Park in 2016.
    • Over 200 participants take part in our youth programs per year
    • 10U, 12U and 14U Softball/Baseball programs give the opportunity to play in competitive baseball leagues in Spencer and neighboring towns.
    • SCB provides all competitive Youth Basketball programs starting in 2017 to children 4th through 6th grade.
    • Completely rebuilt the dugouts at the ARC Park.
    • Run Mens Softball league Thursdays in Summer.
    • Took over the Brad Bauer Community Softball Tournament to continue the tradition of giving set forth by the the Bauer family.
    • Organize 6 Youth Tournaments annually for Baseball and Softball
    • Donated hundreds of dollars to area organizations.
  • Sponsor the Friday Night Band each year at Spencerama
  • 2021 rebuilt and relocated the Announcing booth and shelter
  • Replaced the sound system and scoreboard at the ARC Park
  • 2022 Rebuilding Concession Stand facilities