1. BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL  – Volunteerism shows incredible character.
  1. BE A STAR! KIDS WILL THINK YOU ROCK! – Nothing is better than running into a kid you made feel important.
  1. LOOKS GREAT ON A RESUME OR COLLEGE APPLICATION – Employers and colleges seek individuals that prove they can not only handle school/work but also volunteer.
  1. MAKE CONNECTIONS WITH BUSINESS AND COMMUNITY LEADERS – You many think that the only people that “volunteer” are those with time on their hands.  NOT TRUE!  Most of our volunteers have families, full time careers, and are involved in other organizations as well.
  1. IT FEELS GOOD TO BE PART OF SOMETHING – You will never look back and say I’m glad I didn’t make a difference.
  1. MAKE SOME INCREDIBLE MEMORIES – We have so much fun doing what we do.
  1. IT’S SOMETHING WORTHWHILE TO DO WITH YOUR TIME – Boosters is making a positive impact on the community.


If you are interested in becoming part of this exciting organization or learning how you can help, email our Sponsorship Committee chairperson Tracey Ackman or Becky Gorst at spencercommunityboosters@outlook.com or call 715-321-6061.  We have numerous needs for volunteers throughout the year including coaching, concessions, helping with events and more.